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Students' rights and obligations
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The information below is a fraction of the rules that LTU themselves have to protect students.
Unfortunately, not all rules are followed. Each student should be able to talk to their teacher or examiner and demand what is punctuated below.
More information is available at:

Students' rights and obligations at LTU

You can also get more information from
and Luleå Studentkår.

The student is expected to

  • Take responsibility for their studies and development of knowledge
  • Register in time for examinations
  • Regularly check the student email, and take part of the course- and education information available on myLTU, the university's website
    and on the learning platform
  • Contact LTU for help with disabilities - LTU offers help for reading and writing difficulties and much more

The student should get

  • The opportunity to evaluate courses (course evalutaions)
  • A review of the latest course evaluation and improvement measures at the start of every course
  • Reasonable time to complete assignments and get response on them before the examination
  • The schedule must be determined no later than 10 working days before the start of the course
    • Schedule changes after this must be done in consultation with the students
  • Unlimited number of attempts at exams or internships unless otherwise stated in the syllabus
  • The course literature must be determined and specified in the syllabus 10 weeks before the start of the course
    • If less than half of the book is used, it must be stated in the syllabus
    • All course literature must be available at the library
  • The examination result announced no later than 3 weeks after the examination and no later than 2 weeks before the next re-examination
    • Study results reported in Ladok no later than 5 working days after the correction of the examination has been completed
  • Personal injury insurance
  • Good physical work environment including premises, ventilation, lighting and sound
  • Be treated equally regardless of gender, transgender identity or expression, religion or other belief, ethnicity,
    disability, sexual orientation or age
  • Student health care
  • Assistance from study counselors if needed, visiting hours must be regular

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